Our company was founded in 1964, as a division of the EKA factory of electric appliances and materials, for the purpose of manufacturing indoor lighting fittings. This manufacturing has been our main field of activity ever since. The company has 100% Hungarian ownership.We have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and 25 years in the development and sales of indoor lighting fittings, and solutions.

We produce and market modern, reliable, environmental-friendly lighting fittings with the EMIKA brand name, which meet the highest requirements of our customers.

Our technologies:

  • Metal forming (blanking, punching, bending, deep drawing)
  • Welding (CO and spot welding), clinching
  • Surface treatment (electrostatic powder coating, galvanisation, anodic oxidation)
  • Assembly

Our own designed lighting technology products and services are mainly targeted at meeting the requirements of our customers in Hungary. For our partners in Europe we mainly manufacture and develop both indoor and outdoor lighting fittings that our partners market under their own brand names.
Our objective is to maintain our position on the Hungarian market and to expand our sales in Europe, as well as to utilise our assembly capacities.

We consider boosting the satisfaction of our partners, of our employees and proprietors a priority. We aim to achieve this by a continuous development adjusted to the exact needs of our customers and by a flexible, effective operation which spares the environment.
We also satisfy special individual demands. We provide 3 years warranty to our products in general, but in case of special individual projects we may also provide a 5 years warranty.

We can serve our customers even with custom-tailored solutions and with product application consultation.
We can also design the lighting system of rooms in order to serve our partners in a more complex manner.