The EMIKA Inc. is a unique company („white crow” as the saying goes) on the Hungarian competitor market, because we are a provincial organization in a Hungarian ownership, with the basis of the process oriented working.

We believe that the implementation of the „integrated process control system” will make our competitiveness able to reach the maximum level of the Customer satisfaction. The process owner system ensures that our processes will be defined and managed by responsible colleagues in order to reach the automatism within the working of the organization.

Referring to the basis of the purposeful environmental protection, our company has an environment focused management and we are continuously improving our waste handling activities as well. Based upon these facts we are proud to say the EMIKA Inc. is an environmental sound company.

Based upon the culture of the „continuous improvement”, the EMIKA team is  working on a daily basis on the process optimization in order to increase our efficiency for all of the areas, in which we plan to reach our targets for quality, enviroment and P&L.

The „thinking together” attitude is the basis of the continuous improvement of our project orientation which has been expanded for all of the company areas. We believe that our working activity can only be efficient, if it is methodically, organized and documented.

The basis of our organizational level values are humility, honesty and punctuality. The possibility also means responsibility for us, which view has been implemented for our intern and extern relations as well.

These features will make EMIKA Inc. able to be a factor continuously on the Hungarian and the international business environments as well.