Main features of our powder coating workshop


  • Coating procedure in 4 zones
  • Two bathtubs filled with hot water and acid + two bathtubs filled with rinsewater
  • After degreasing surface pre-treatment with ferric phosphate
  • Duration of one cycle at 2m/min conveyor speed is 11min 40 sec


  • Gas engine, temperature 100-160°C
  • Duration 9 min 45 sec

Electrostatic powder coating equipment (Wagner):

  • Powder recovering automatic box with 8 pistols (3+5)

Used for mainly white painting but other colours are also possible at large quantities.

Two mobile manual coating equipments for colorful painting, operating with boxes having no powder recovering.

Hot-branding furnace:

  • Working with gas, temperature 80-200°C
  • Duration ca. 15 minutes

The indicated data stand for 2 m/min conveyor speed. Conveyor speed can be adjusted within 0-3m/min. In case of manual painting, conveyor speed is usually 0,7-1 m/min.

Maximum size of paintable parts:

  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Height: 1800 mm
  • Width: 400 mm

In case of products having dimensions close to the maximum, a preliminary suspension test is proposed.

Annual powder coating capacity in one shift is 250 000m2.