Welcome to EMIKA Electromechanikai Zrt.!

We are delighted to introduce EMIKA Zrt to you. Our company is one of the biggest producers of indoor lighting fittings. Besides this activity we also manufacture car body parts for more than fifteen years.

Lighting Technology

Our company was founded in 1964, as a division of the EKA factory of electric appliances and materials, for the purpose of manufacturing indoor lighting fittings. This manufacturing has been our main field of activity ever since. The company has 100% Hungarian ownership. We have more than 45 years of experience in manufacturing and 25 years in the development and sales of indoor lighting fittings, and solutions.


In 1992, the year Magyar Suzuki Zrt. was started, metals operation was established as a separate business unit. This is the time when we started to manufacture metal plate components as “TIER1” suppliers for the car industry. Since then we have also been suppliers of metal parts for home appliance manufacturers in addition to the car industry.